Poem of the Month: Geoff Hastwell

Leonard Cohen Leaving

by Geoff Hastwell

Suddenly the air seemed so much colder;
Someone asked the poet about his heart;
“You want it darker, dear,” he gently told her,
“That dark is here now; now I must depart……”

Though ev’rybody knew this time was coming
For final summons on Apollo’s lyre,
Nobody heard the poet softly humming
’bout God and ashes and that cruel, bright fire.

He’d sent a letter to his dying lover,
The woman he’d known a thousand kisses deep;
Sad that she was weaker – he one other,
To follow soon for that eternal sleep……

Now he’s residing somewhere in the Tower,
In a lofty room he’d felt was undeserved;
But when welcomed by the Sun-God to that bower,
The poet accepts the place for him reserved.

And because we’ve had the honour of his singing,
And by that singing, know what truths remain,
We wish Godspeed to Leonard as he’s winging,
With Apollo out across the darkening plain.


Vale, poet, tho’ you might regret us grieving,
Still, sadness settles, as it’s wont to do;
A hummingbird ascends the clear, cold evening –
It’s Leonard Cohen, bidding us adieu;
We cry and laugh and cry as he is leaving –
Leonard Cohen bids us all adieu;
Leonard Cohen bids us all adieu…….