TramsEnd Poets

TramsEnd Poets is a friendly poetry critique group for beginners and seasoned poets alike. If you love poetry, you are welcome.

Time:    10 am – 12 pm, third Saturday of every month, except December.

Venue:  Mocking Bird Lounge, 63A Broadway Glenelg 5045

Cost:     $8 venue fee that includes great coffee or tea

Contact:  Lindy Warrell on 0419 817 275 or lindy[dot]warrell[at]gmail[dot]com

Format:  As a critique group, we invite our poets to engage in a constructive process of analysis and discussion through which we can collaboratively learn more about the art and craft of poetry and improve our work. At each meeting one member will act as Chair to keep us to time and do a short, five-minute presentation on a favorite or inspirational poet. Then, after we read our own poem to the group, all members take time to write considered comments to share one-on-one with you (bring copies).  Do not fear, we do look after newbies and those who are unfamiliar with the art of critique, which, BTW, never means criticism!