The membership fees for 2018 are shown below. Your memberships are essential in keeping FSP and its activities at a sustainable level.

Standard membership:  $25 / year
Concession membership:  $15 / year
 …  add Annual Subscription:  $40 / year
Regional Group membership:
 …  less than 10 members $50 / year
 … 11 – 20 members $100 / year
 … more than 20 members $200 / year
Door fees for FSP City Meetings: $5 / night

The Annual Subscription effectively pre-pays your door entry fees for the City meetings. It is equivalent to 8 meetings. If you come to more, you get them for free!

Regional Group membership is for poetry groups that host only one or two FSP-sponsored meetings per year. This arrangement will allow poets reading at regional events the opportunity to submit poems to the annual anthology, and to be included on FSP email lists, etc.

Members of Friendly Street Poets have the following entitlements:

  • to vote at an AGM;
  • to stand for a position on the Friendly Street Management Committee;
  • to have poems read at an FSP meeting considered for inclusion in the annual FSP Anthology;
  • to be eligible for “Poem of the Month” with associated on-line publication;
  • to have an entry in the on-line “Library of Poets”;
  • to be invited to read at FSP meetings or performances as a Guest Reader.
  • to nominate as an editor of a Friendly Street Poets Annual Anthology.
  • to submit manuscripts to publishing competitions run by Friendly Street Poets;
  • to be on the Friendly Street Poets members’ email list.


  • can attend a Friendly Street Poets meetings as either a reader or member of the audience, upon payment of the door entry fee;
  • can read their own original poems at the meeting after payment of the entry fee, but their poems cannot be considered for publication.

Download 2018 Membership forms here in either MS Word or PDF format. There are separate forms for individual memberships or for regional groups membership.

FSP Individual Membership Form 2018 (PDF)

FSP Individual Membership Form 2018 (MS Word *.docx)

FSP Regional Group Membership Form  2018 (PDF)

FSP Regional Group Membership Form  2018 (MS Word *.docx)


For Membership enquiries, please use the form below: