Management Committee

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The Friendly Street Poets Management Committee (2017):

  • Paul Wilkins (Convenor)
  • David Harris (Treasurer)
  • Sue Reece (Secretary)
  • Geoff Hastwell
  • Murray Alfredson
  • Edie Eicas
  • Nigel Ford
  • Geoff Johnson

with valuable input from:

  • Jules Lee Koch (FSP Library readings)
  • Jelena Dinic (FSP Featured Poet readings)
  • Dawn Colsey and Valerie Volk (FSP Book sales)
  • Ian Gibbins (Communications)

and FSP Annual Anthology editors:

  • Karl Cameron Jackson and Ros Schulz (2017)
  • Edie Eicas and David Harris (2016)
  • Murray Alfredson and Margaret Clark (2015)

Photos on this page courtesy of Martin Christmas.

You can contact the Committee using the form below: