Call-out for Anthology editors!!

It’s time to find a couple of editors for the next FSP members’ anthology. This will be Volume #41, containing poems submitted by FSP members at FSP events in 2016, to be published by FSP in 2017.

The primary task of the editors is to select the poems and get them ready for print-production. Basic word-processing and email skills are essential. Assistance will be available for the preparation of the final print-ready text and cover.

Editors need to be current financial members of FSP. There is a small remuneration for each editor.

For more information, including a detailed job description, or expressions of interest, please use the contact form below.

Winner of the SAETA FSP Spring Poetry Prize

This year, Ian Gibbins and Jelena Dinic were asked to judge the Year 11 & 12 entries for the South Australian English Teachers Association 2015 Spring Poetry Festival Prize and award the Friendly Street prizes to the top four poems. The prizes consisted of cash, a selection of FSP books, a certificate, and complimentary membership of FSP for 2016.

First Prize went to Olivia McGuinness (Cedar College) for Stress; Second Prize: Dee Ritchie (Torrens Valley Christian School) for Wrong; Third Prize: Sam Kelly (Thomas More College) for Timeless Wrinkles; and Highly Commended: Taniesha Morton (Torrens Valley Christian School) for Mummy. We congratulate the winners and all the entrants in this competition.

Here is the winning poem, courtesy of SAETA.


by Olivia McGuinness

Waves of        sentiment        lap

at            the borders of          your          mind

weeds       of terror          snatch

at every             inch of your body

the gritty taste        of sorrow

in your mouth

the persistent             tide of saltiness

from your       eyes

drowning in           your own ocean

Richard Tipping’s Anthology Launch Speech

FSP co-founder Richard Tipping was unable to be present to personally launch the latest FSP Anthology #39. But he did send us his launch speech. It is well worth reading. So here it is…

See pictures from the launch in the gallery.

2015 Satura Prize Winner: “A Clarity of Smog” by rob walker

rob walker

Congratulations to rob walker, winner of the 2015 Satura Prize for his poem A Clarity of Smog in the Friendly Street Poets Anthology 39: Silver Singing Streams, as judged by Mike Ladd.

Congratulations also to those on Mike’s shortlist for the prize:

On the Footpath by Elaine Barker

Growing Pains by J.V. Birch

Scrub Grey by David Cookson

Serbian Orthodox Christmas Lunch by Jelena Dinic

Security After the Ball by Steve Evans

No Major Changes Will Happen at Midnight by Roger Higgins

Journey by Jules Leigh Koch

Fine Art by Lousie McKenna

A Question of War by Josie Walsh

Thanks to Martin Christmas for the pic.

A Clarity of Smog

nine days in japan and already you’re a megalomaniac
drunk on the fame of being slightly apart.
backhome there are bushfires and The Test on tv but here
you’re in the manic phase of a bipolar New Year.

even getting off the train at the wrong station when you can’t read
the signage and no-one speaks your mother tongue doesn’t phase you.
a divine messenger disguised as a middle level clerk tells you
that the train to Mega is nexto-nexto.

You’re completely alone in your iPod universe as Antony sings
everything is new in the space between your ears and you
walk the winter grey concrete streets of Mega/Shikama houses & and steel
smokestacks beside a river tamed with cement.

refinery pipes, mega-pylons supporting arcs of cable
inscribed from some point above and
triangulations of scaffolding infrastructure
your artificial horizon.

you know in your bones that the sun rising red through smog is rising
just for you and despite photochemical haze there’s a clarity like
individual rainbow crystals refulgent
on dead rice stalks beneath your feet.

the day is new, those birds you pass have migrated from Siberia to
forage for insects between the backstreet cabbages at this precise
second for your entertainment alone. you love each moment.
like now.     and this one      now.

the entire day is unfolding. you don’t need a god
when the Universe is so perfect and self organised.
each day dripping into the vast pool
of day spent.

occasionally we find ourselves
at an intersection where
any choice will be
the right one.

rob walker

Read an interview with rob about his poem and poetry in InDaily here.


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