Satura Prize Poems

A selection of  Satura Prize winning poems.


Click on a title to read the poem or on a poet’s name see more work.


2015: A Clarity of Smog by rob walker, judged by Mike Ladd.

2014: Rearrangement 1 by Ian Gibbins, judged by Cath Kenneally.

2013: Afternoon Story by John Brydon.

2010: Certainty by Elaine Barker, judged by Rolf de Heer.

2002: Down on the Ground by Graham Rowlands.

2001: Nocturne: Port Elliot by Rob Johnson.

2000: A Poem Only About Garlic by Shen.

1999: Duty Call by Ray Stuart.

1998: Cheese by Jude Aquilina.

1997: Wisteria by Geoff Guess.

1996: Winter Night by George Woolmer.