Rachel Manning

Rachel Manning was born and raised in South Australia. She studied Literature and Education at Flinders University before travelling widely. She currently works as an adult educator.

She has been writing poetry since the age of 10, when her first poem was stuck up on the wall of her Year 3 classroom. She got a taste for publication and has since been widely published in South Australia and nationally.

Rachel is currently working on another collection of poems and her first novel.



grandmother had cataracts
in both eyes
yet still saw well enough
to comment on
the dust
in my lounge room

the doctor removed the eyes
rolled them around on her cheeks
then popped them back in


the yellowed patch was peeled back
taking bits of skin and hairs with it

grandfather leaned in for a look

she saw clearly at last
and cried in frightened delight
oh dear
how old and ugly you have grown

bring me a mirror

From Friendly Street No. 11

pixel nervosa

your digital camera
allows your eating disorder
to soar to new heights
you capture food in pixels
create jpegs of breakfast
            bitmaps of lunch
            gifs of dinner
your pc’s menu
takes on
an entirely new meaning
you binge
in a slideshow of courses
meals flash across your screen
calorific technicolour
you savour each morsel
as it slips
            and down
            and through
you’re fit to burst
stretched to server capacity
temporarily sated
remorse sets in
the download begins
at ten megabytes per minute
it takes seventeen seconds
to move the entire contents
of your stomach
to the recycle bin

From Friendly Street No. 11

farewell nepal

according to the pseudo-scientific documentary
aired on a return flight from sydney last week
the entire continent of india
            (please ensure your tray table is safely stowed)
moves northward by fifteen centimetres
            (please ensure your seat is returned to the upright position)
every year
butting into asia
crushing mountain upon mountain
and making headway of
fifteen centimetres
every single year
            that’s six inches in the old language
                        the height of a pint
                                    the width of an octave
                                                the length of a prayer
at this rate by the year ten million
            one hundred and forty seven thousand
                        two hundred and eleven
nepal will have ceased to exist
mt everest will have officially slipped into
the administrative subdivision of
the people’s republic of china
the communist plot thickens

From Friendly Street No. 11