Peter Eason

Peter Eason’s poems deal with transpersonal (mystical) experiences. He is interested in Depth Psychology (Jungian), Mythology and the mystical tradition in Religion and Philosophy. He is published in many newspapers and journals, and has three books: Boozer of Blue (1990) and Journey to Anima (2000) and a third, The long serious smile (2005).

Cosmic Clerk

The electric light shines.
All over the cosmos,
Lights shine.
It’s early morning.
My mind drifts off for a break,
And goes for a think around the block
Of the cosmic city.
What incredible lights.
What offices, working
Through the night.
What an amazing company
Invests in the sky.
The expansion, the development,
The long term plan.
My job is secure,
My superannuation
Is perfectly safe.
Still, I’m ambitious
For promotion, increments,
And the boss is everywhere.
So I return to my work,
Record what I have to,
Report what I am able to,
As a small cosmic clerk.

From Friendly Street No. 19

Did you see that Bloody Horse?

Five K’s out of Andamooka
We drove on red
To the north emus strutted low bush
Where wild brumbies grazed
To the south one horse
A large powerful grey
His right foreleg crooked
Stood metres from the track
Beyond him the country stretched
And seemed to radiate
To the vast pale sky
He stared at me
As we drove by
His unbroken face
Would haunt anyone not free
There was no doubt
His was the face of God
He wore the long serious smile
Which must belong to God
I want to know what it means
To wear that face
About ten K’s on Mat asked suddenly
‘Did you see that bloody horse?
He was staring at me’

From Friendly Street No. 20