Olive Snuggs

Born Coventry UK – 1924
Emigrated to South Australia – 1965
Husband – Eric
5 children 13 grandchildren 12 great grandchildren
Poetry Read:
Radio 5UV
Community Radio PBA FM
Radio Triple BFM Tanunda

Children’s Poetry – Publications:

N.S.W. Dept Education and Training SCHOOL Magazine ORBIT 1998
N.S.W. Dept Education and Training SCHOOL Magazine ORBIT 1999

N.S.W. Dept Education and Training 1 poem “A SONG IS BORN” reproduced for Catholic and Independent Schools. Print run: 6000 copies. Publication called ‘Classroom Assessment for Stage 2, English K-6 and Mathematics K-6 outcomes.’

Strictly Ballroom

As I sit here on this early
October afternoon feel the sun
warming my arthritic body I

see tulips swaying on long stems
strictly ballroom of course
whilst yellow gazanias

content to look pretty
wait in line against the
fence for favours or rejections

cars rumble and grumble
outside our hide-away and
do not see white powder puffs

playing games with sun
who laughs knowing it’s going to
rain tomorrow honey-eaters

don’t care sticky beaking into
anything that looks like a
gin and tonic and then

beneath the bridal gown of
grapefruit tree blackbirds
copulate and life waltzes on.

From Friendly Street No. 18


They endure
breeder of handovers
at wine-filled BBQs
with their half a child
in the game of chess
hiding experiences

voices compete
as the wind sings
pine forests dance
mellowed sun fades
as time manoeuvres
endlessly on

we have to leave now they say
no need for questions
the wilderness between them
never closes –
have no finality
handovers handover
tears are always shed
by only half a child

From Friendly Street No. 21

the fat lady sings

fresh fat finger buns burn holes in my soul
I sit sipping cappuccino sugaring
slurping stirring staring at fresh
fat finger buns and contemplating
weight watchers
thinking thin
I am a leather clad superwoman
sexy sleeky slinky
spotting superman zapping chocolate and icecream –
scooping me we fly to martinique
l’amour l’amour l’amour
after my arousal
my michelin shape flounders like a pregnant
whale wallowing in southern seas
now I am happy
as I post cream kisses into my mouth
fat is superfluous

From Friendly Street No. 22