GM Walker

GM Walker writes short, sharp and macabre poems that mix acerbic wit with a touch of sweet melancholy and a taste for love, lust and long blacks. She has read (and reads) at spoken word venues including Friendly Street (since 1992), Jahz (previously Boltz), Riffs Music Lounge, Bookends, Enigma Bar, Crown & Sceptre, Exeter, Cargo Club, Rhino Room, P.J. O’Briens and Writers’ Caf @ Koko’s. She has also read at the Festival of 1000 Voices (Carrick Hill), the Festival of the Coast (Henley Beach), and the Marion Learning Festival (Westfield Marion).

Her poems have been published in a number of Friendly Street Readers since 1993, and most recently in SideWaLK 9 and Fingers & Tongues (Paroxysm Press – 2002).

the telephone

a red bellied snake
                                            the silence
            incessant ringing
          from the
                of my
                    in reply

strong>From Friendly Street No. 18


an illusion
I reinvent
every morning

From Friendly Street No. 26

the hand

I noticed its exquisite beauty
pale red yellow and blue hues
smooth creamy translucent skin
wrist gently swelling into palm
splitting perfectly into four
long tapered fingers and a thumb
I was moved to kiss each fingertip
delicate salty taste – exciting
tantalising – I wanted more
I traced each line and contour
with my tongue – the hand
gave a little shudder
exciting me more
I started nibbling manicured nails
slight crunchy texture
subtle almond flavour
I was voracious
I opened my mouth wider
started to suck
on two three four fingers
soon I had the whole hand
in my mouth – sucking crunching bones
in minutes I had gobbled it up
there was nothing left
of my left hand

From Friendly Street No. 26