Poem of the Month, August 2015


A(n end of) Love Sonnet by Kristin Martin

As crimson bruises blossom on my cheek
my husband guns our car into the night.
I screamed at him to leave, within a week
he’ll crawl back home, beg pardon for the fight.

From in her room our treasured daughter cries;
instinctively I dim the lights with shame.
Or is it pride? Or fear of judging eyes?
Too many people think I share the blame.

The door creaks and her trusting eyes meet mine.
She smiles and pads softly to my side.
My love for her torpedos up my spine
to banish thoughts of fear and shame and pride.

I hold her and I understand it well:
tonight my marriage ends. It’s time to tell.

Together with To My Mother in Law by Athena Taylor, selected from the August FSP readings by 2015 Anthology editors, Margaret Clark and Murray Alfredson.

Picture by Martin Christmas.

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