FSP Featured Poets Series, 29th July, 2015: Steve Brock & Sergio Holas at the Halifax Cafe


Come along for a session of great poetry, food, drinks and company at the Halifax Cafe, Wednesday, 29th July, 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Steve Brock completed a PhD in Australian literature at Flinders University in 2003. He published his first collection of poetry the night is a dying dog in 2007 (Wakefield Press), and received a grant from Arts SA for the completion of Double Glaze, published by Five Islands Press in 2013. Steve is the co-translator with Sergio Holas and Juan Garrido-Salgado of Poetry of the Earth: Mapuche Trilingual Anthology (Interactive Press 2014). His poetry featured in the Best Australian Poems 2014.

Sergio Holas-Véliz was born in the port town of Valparaíso, in Chile and migrated to Australia in 1988. His poetry has been widely published in Europe, South America, Canada and Australia, as well as having three books in Spanish. He is a co-translator, with Juan Garrido-Salgado and Steve Brock, of Poetry of the Earth: Mapuche Trilingual Anthology, published in Queensland by Interactive Press in 2014.

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Poem of the Month, July 2015


People, they’re easy, but families ?
Families are hard.
Nothing ever stays the same
It’s all changing, all moving
Just at different rates.
The wind howls the trees
They dance –
And your heartache
Is hardly an excuse
A drop in the ocean a sigh in a storm

Same as salvation
Same as paying the next
Bill or two
Same thing really, like astrology.

People, they’re easy, but families ?
Families don’t want change
Families don’t like change
Even if it’s all around them
Ploughing the same old
Furrow and beating
Out the same sword
Chasing the same bird…

Metal is unforgiving
But not as sharp as words

Love is easy, but forgiveness ?

Forgiveness is made to be hard
It is a bird in a storm
It is a sword in the tree
It should be easy, but then,

Forgiveness is change.

Selected from the JuLY FSP readings by 2015 Anthology editors, Margaret Clark and Murray Alfredson.

Picture by Martin Christmas.

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FSP City Meeting: Tuesday 4th August 2015

FSP July City Open Mic Reading

SA Writers Centre

2nd Floor, 187 Rundle St, Adelaide

   Tuesday 4th August 2015   

All welcome! Come along and read or just listen.

Open mic, 3 minutes per reader. All members’ poems are eligible for publication in the next annual anthology.

Doors open at 6:00 pm to sign up for readings in two sessions.

First session: 6:30 – 7:30 pm; Second session: approx. 8:00 – 9:30 pm.

$5 entry. If you’re not a member, join up on the night for only $5.

Remember that if you are not a paid up member, you’ll drop off the FSP email list and you will not be eligible for inclusion in the annual anthology.