Radio Adelaide needs poets…

Two Radio Adelaide shows, A Peace of the Action which deals with social justice, and Barometer which deals with environmental issues, are looking for poets. Both are talk shows, with in-depth interviews, interspersed with music. They’d like to include some local poetry along with the music.

Social Justice topics include (but are not confined to): anti-war, poverty, refugees, racism, inequality, domestic violence, homelessness, Indigenous issues, deaths in custody, income management, the right to protest, etc.

Environmental topics include (but are not confined to): protection of pretty well anything not yet extinct or destroyed (forests, oceans, creatures, rivers, water quality, air quality), renewable energy, coal mining, coal seam gas, Great Barrier Reef, uranium, recycling, rubbish, global warming, food security, the right to protest, death of bees, etc.

Poem Length: Short poems,from 30 secs to 2 mins in length, are preferable. Please ensure no individual poem exceeds 3:30 in length. Multiple poems are welcome.

Time and Place: Radio Adelaide Studios, 3 Cinema Place, next to Nova Cinemas.

12:40pm – 3pm, Saturday 5th November, 2016

Recording starts 1pm sharp. They plan to record in a group, and then go out for coffee afterwards.

Performance: These poems are to be broadcast on radio, where the only means of communication is your voice. It’s okay to read your poems (they don’t have to be memorised), but your voice needs to contain expression and texture. Please practise your poems aloud to bring out the best in your recording.

RSVP essential: Please RSVP to Sue Reece suzm33[at]gmail[dot]com by Fri 4th Nov if you’d like to be a part of this. The station doors are locked on the weekends, so they need to know who’s coming in order to let you in. Once in the recording studios, there won’t be anyone to open the doors, so please don’t be late.

Contact Details: Please include both a mobile phone number and an email address in your RSVP.

Sue Reece: Barometer / Clayton Werner: A Peace of the Action / Radio Adelaide