Lynette Arden

Lynette Arden was brought up in country NSW and now lives in Adelaide. She is Vice President and the South Australian representative of the Australian Haiku Society. She is also the co-convenor of the Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group. Lynette’s haiku and tanka have been published widely in Australia and internationally. Her first book of poetry ‘A Pause in the Conversation’ was published in Friendly Street New Poets 15 in 2010.




early mornings

she would sit and knit

woollen cardigans

I still wear

mother’s arms around me




a fallen leaf curls

over its shadow


The Twenty-five Most Beautiful People in the World

This morning

at the supermarket register

there are the Twenty-five Most Beautiful

People in the World

including me and the checkout chick,

who has a slight acne rash

and a big yellow badge with

red writing which says

Happy Easter.


None of us is buying the magazine.



The year commences.

Unprocessed refugees

set fire to desert prisons.

There is more talk of war

and argument about the justness of causes.


Bright sun reels

over the Barossa,

flushed with last year’s vintage,

plumping out this season’s grapes

on rows of gnarled vines.


The young, leaving home,

rush about on country roads,

throwing up dust,

speeding down highways

towards city lives.


I sit and listen to the radio

and dig about in old books

for a new beginning.