Jude Aquilina

Jude Aquilina’s poems, short stories and articles have been published in newspapers and literary journals across Australia. She is author of Knifing the Ice (Friendly Street Poets/Wakefield Press 2000); and co-editor of Friendly Street Poetry Reader 24.

In 1998 Jude won the Satura Prize for her poem, Cheese.

Jude can be contacted at: jude_poet@yahoo.com.au

For more information about Jude and her writing visit her website.


To a Black Fridge

you robot of the party you
you delightful little dalek
tattooed in greenpeace and 5MMM
oh dark and silent stranger
luring me into your corner
i can’t resist you any longer
here hold my drink while i lean

you’re no straight are you
not like these new age squares
bet you’ve run hot in your time
belly full of grog like me
in fact you’re a bit of a tart
don’t push me away like that

do you think i haven’t seen you
opening up for everyone
you’ve been unfaithful to me
my short and swarthy one
so i’m going to hang around
and pick your stickers off

From Friendly Street No. 18

Arse Poetica

you strain in pain,
frowning, hoping,
rocking on the seat
but nothing
ever comes.

Other times
it comes quickly
lots of it, flowing out,
blotting the paper,
needs brushing up,

But sometimes,
words drop
like golden turds,
prompt, well rounded,
you tear off the paper,
smile with satisfaction.

From Friendly Street No. 19

The Lonesome Cowgirl Blues

Hey there, hip-wigglin cowboy, I wanna take you
home, plug you into my amp, I’ll fiddle while you
croon sweet tunes about how long since you’ve been
kissed, we’ll sing the wrinkles out of those satin dax.

Don’t take your spurs off honey, I wanna see sparks
on the mirrored ceiling as your saddle sways,
bucks to the beat. I wanna feel like Dolly P. when I hold
your hard mike between my parted pouted lips.

I’ll howl like a prairie dog under a full moon;
slide my fingers along your hot fret board;
lasso your tongue – just let me hear you strum
The Lonesome Cowgirl Blues, one more time.

From Friendly Street No. 26