Pam Maitland

Pam Maitland lives in Adelaide and works as a writer and editor within an engineering consultancy firm. She got a lot of pleasure from writing these poems and hopes you gain some from reading them.

My Dog

                1     At Home
my dog     is a tan-haired bounce
                of teeth
my dog     has glinting brown eyes watches me
                with pure concentration
my dog     scribbles tan parabolas jumping for a ball
                in my hand
my dog     fires a volley of barks just as I drift past
                the gates of sleep
                2     Visiting the River
my dog     ricochets up & down steep slopes of the Torrens
                gravity uninvented
my dog     is a 4-wheel drive he
                goes wet places
my dog     has a fast idle & slips
                straight into overdrive
my dog     imagines he can taste the crunch of each and every duck
                he keeps trying
my dog     is a brown tug boat pulling me
                home to berth
my dog     disintegrates into tan-       
                twitching dreams

From Friendly Street No. 17

To the Ocean

it’s a day of movement and ecstacy
as i run suburban corridors

to the ocean
my feet crushing wind

& today i don’t need a walkman
as i run the esplanade

i’m plugged into your power
my runners slapping tar

as your waves slap the horizon
& today i don’t care if it rains

will run dressed in water
let fresh and salt meet

From Friendly Street No. 21