FSP Annual Anthology

The Annual Anthology

The annual anthology publishes a selection of poems by FSP members. All original poems read by members of Friendly Street Poets at an official FSP meeting, whether in the city or at a regional centre, are eligible to be selected for publication in the anthology.


2017 Anthology #42, edited by Ros Schultz and Karl Cameron-Jackson.

2016 Anthology #41, edited by David Harris and Edie Eicas.

2015 Anthology #40, Many Eyes, Many Voices edited by Murray Alfredson and Margaret Clark.

2014 Anthology #39, Silver Singing Streams edited by Geoff Hastwell and Kalicharan Nigel Dey.

2013 Anthology#38, The Infinite Dirt edited by Jelena Dinic, gareth roi jones and Thom Sullivan.

2012 Anthology #37, Patterns of Living edited by Elaine Barker and Rachael Mead.

2011 Anthology #36, Flying Kites edited by Judy Dally and Louise McKenna.

2010 Anthology #35, Sorcerers and Soothsayers edited by John Pfitzner and Tracey Korsten.

2009 Anthology #34, After The Race edited by Janine Baker and A.M. Sladdin.

2008 Anthology #33, Catch Fire edited by Aidan Coleman and Juliet A. Paine.

2007 Anthology #32, Rewired edited by Maggie Emmett and Gaetano Aiello.

2006 Anthology #31, Unruly Sun edited by Erica Jolly and Ivan G. Rehorek.

2005 Anthology #30, Friendly Street Poets 30 edited by Louise Nicholas and Rob Walker.

2004 Anthology #29, Blur edited by Amelia Walker and Shen.

2003 Anthology #28, Another Universe edited by Kate Deller-Evans and Steve Evans.

2002 Anthology #27, Blue: edited by K*m Mann and Graham Catt.

2001 Anthology #26, Friendly Street Reader 26 edited by Ioanna Petrescu and David Ades.

2000 Anthology #25, Flow edited by Richard Hillman and Heather Sladdin.